The story behind “Ancora”

Although I have never really thought of myself as a great composer, I have always loved to sit at the piano and improvise anything that pops into my mind. Most of what comes out is usually garbled nonsense, but occasionally inspiration strikes and I hit the record button immediately in the hopes of remembering a chord or melody that captured my imagination in that moment.

That is exactly what happened with my very first official single, “Ancora.” It’s something I came up with on 26th February 2017, just a few weeks after moving country to Berlin. I had just had my very first audition in Germany for Disney’s, “Der Glöckner von Notre Dame” (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and afterwards, I sat down to play, trying to take my mind off waiting for an answer.

Within just about 5 minutes, the melody popped into my head. It felt like a message of hope and wonder of what was changing in my life. After all, I had just moved to a foreign country, living in a huge capital city, having just auditioned for a dream job and having met one of the most influential and important people in my life. It was all new and exciting, and I was dreaming about what else was waiting for me. In fact, when I saved the rough recording, I named it “Anfang der Träume,” meaning Beginning of Dreams in German.

After that, I pretty much forgot about the recording, and it remained hidden in a folder on my MacBook for over 2 years before I discovered it again. Listening back, I felt every emotion since that moment hit me all at once. As I wrote in an earlier blog post, I almost gave up music because of struggling with a whole number of different things. But this single, rough recording reminded me instantly of how far I have come and the hope and dreams that I still carry with me. This inspired its new name, “Ancora” which means Still in Italian, because I am still dreaming, I am still hopeful and I am still trying to learn Italian!

For this reason, it was only fitting for this to be my first single. I spent some time editing and rewriting the original, refining some parts and writing it all down before it became the recording that it is. It’s a simple idea based on the simple dream we all share of being happy, but for me there are so many more emotions behind it.

The song has given me a new layer of inspiration to carry me even further forward. I’m now hard at work on new projects and recordings and I am still dreaming about everything the future has in store for me.

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Improvising at the piano