Strike a pose

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into being a singer. Quite often we just look at the finished project as we get swept away by the stunning music and powerful stories, but the final show we see is probably only five percent of what we have to do to be able to perform it. An average singer will have to:

  • Have regular coaching and singing lessons
  • Memorise new roles and songs with phonetic pronunciations and translations
  • Do vocal warm ups and physical exercise to keep the voice healthy and improve stamina
  • Audition, rehearse and practice
  • Arrange travel and accommodation for auditions and performances
  • Manage their own taxes and finances
  • Network with other musicians, directors and agents
  • Maintain a website
  • Have regular headshot and photo shootings

That might seem like a long list, but it’s also far from extensive. The truth is being a singer is not just turning up on the night of a show, being a diva and collecting roses that the audience throw on stage. No, being a singer is a calling and you need to be 100% committed to all of the behind-the-scenes work just as much as the singing and performing.

The last two items from my list have had my particular attention over the last few weeks as I was setting up my new website. Even just website maintenance has a whole amount of hidden work that I hadn’t considered, but fortunately I’m also a technology geek so I quite enjoyed building it.

To finish off the look of the website however, I needed a fresh photoshoot and some new headshots. Since I’m currently based in my native North East England area, I went to an excellent photographer, Darren Irwin.

Christopher's headshot session with Darren Irwin
Headshot session with Darren Irwin

Darren is a professional photographer based in Newcastle City Centre and he also used to work as a professional musician so it gave us plenty to talk about. Having a connection with a photographer during a shoot is very important. Headshots play a crucial part in the life of a singer. We use them for concert programmes, websites, social media and showing people who we are. But probably the most important use is for auditions. Headshots are the first thing a casting director will see when we apply for a role so it’s vital to be relaxed, confident and natural.

It had been a while since my last photoshoot so I was more than a little apprehensive but I had absolutely no problem relaxing after we started. Darren was funny and made me feel at home straight away. Despite the fact that there was a camera and lighting boxes directly in my face, I was quickly able to –almost- forget about them. We chatted for the whole time while listening to some background music and the 2 hour shoot flew by. ┬áThe result was that I came away with new photos that I feel represent me well and I’m very happy to be sending off to casting directors.

Photoshoots are just one of the hundreds of things we have to do as singers. For some it comes easily but for others, like me, it’s a bit more challenging. It’s far too easy to feel awkward and self-conscious when a camera is in your face, but, like anything else, it’s just a matter of practice. I was able to focus my mind during this shoot and I tried to treat it just like another performance, allowing myself to forget about my surroundings and just be me.